IP64 27W LED Corn Bulb

$40.00 $33.00

IP64 36W LED Corn Light

$45.00 $38.00

IP64 45W LED Corn Lamp

$50.00 $44.10

IP64 54W LED Corn Bulb

$55.00 $48.00

IP64 80W LED Corn Light

$120.00 $114.40

IP64 100W LED Corn Lamp

$130.00 $123.60

IP64 120W LED Corn Bulb

$140.00 $130.80

IP64 10W LED Corn Light

$15.00 $12.70

IP64 15W LED Corn Lamp

$20.00 $14.70

IP64 20W LED Corn Bulb

$20.00 $16.30

IP64 25W LED Corn Light

$25.00 $17.80

IP64 30W LED Corn Bulb

$40.00 $36.70

IP64 40W LED Corn Lamp

$45.00 $38.90

IP64 60W LED Corn Light

$50.00 $44.60


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    Horizon Lighting Co., Ltd is a China professional manufacturer of LED lighting products, starting in 2008, our products have been exported to all over the world, providing the most professional LED lighting project for importers and contractors around the world.

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