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Do you know LED strip lights?

When decorating houses or business buildings, many people will note LED strips on the list, but most of them don’t know the strip lights well. It’s pretty common because the light strip is hidden and you hard to see them at your first glance. This is also the highest state of using lights-“seeing the lighting but not the light itself”.

1. Flexible sizes of LED strip light

As shown in the picture, this is what the LED strip looks like. Its shape like a strip and with the LED light source on it, so we call it the LED strip light. It can work directly by connecting to the conventional 220V power supply. When you install them, these fixing clips are helping you easily keep them in place. LED strip lamp was not available from the beginning, actually, it born with the development of LED technology in recent years. When there is no LED light strip, T4 and T5 tubes are generally used for backlighting, but the minimum size of T4 and T5 tubes is 0.3 meters / 1ft, which means there will be a dark area if space less than 0.3 meters. On the contrary, LED strip lights have more flexible sizes and can be cut according to the actual length needed, such as cut by each 3 LED chips or 6 LED chips, all up to you, which makes them popular. They can be installed conveniently wherever you want to light without any blind area. so we barely see traditional tubes in the market, but the LED strip lights are around in our life.

about led strip lights

2. More choice of lighting colors

Life is just as ordinary and we would like to seek more fun as possible. Well, what will that relevant with LED lights? LED strip lights have different colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, RGB, dimming, etc. with different colors and unlimited and flexible size, they can provide us many shapes and different ambiance lighting.

the color of the led strip 3

the color of the led strip 4

the color of the led strip 2

3. 2835 light strip and 5050 light strip

At present, the commonly used LED light strips are 2835 and 5050 light strips (2835 refers to the size of the LED light source, 28mm long and 35mm wide, and 5050 refers to the length and width of the LED light source are 50mm). There are 3 LED chips in 5050 lamp beads, while there is only 1 LED chip in 2835. Therefore, under the same number of lamp beads, the brightness of 5050 LED strip is 3 times that of 2835 LED strip, and the power is also 3 times. The price is also expensive accordingly.

Regarding power consumption, many users are very concerned about this issue. The commonly used 2835 lamp bead has a rated power of 0.1W, while the 5050 has a rated power of 0.2W, because there will be a protective resistor in the circuit, so let us calculate at 60 lights/m, the power consumption of a meter of 2835 light strip is approximate 6W, a 5050 light strip of one meter is approximate 12W.

types of led strip lights

4. Structure of LED strip

The LED strip has lamp beads, circuit boards, wires, glue, resistors, and related accessories inside of it. 5 meters in a roll is common in the market. You could also buy according to the length you need. If it is a 220V high-voltage light strip, you need to use several sections in your home, each section is equipped with a connector, just plug it directly into the socket. If you want to cut it by yourself, you will find there are scissor Images on special cutting positions on the strips which are to indicate you can cut here.

The accessories generally include plugs (that is, power supply), pins (for connection), fixing cards (plastic clips for fixing the light strips), and tail plugs (plastic sleeves that protect the tail of the light strips). These accessories are selected according to actual installation needs.

accessories for led strip light

5. Installation of LED strip

For the high voltage light strips like 110V LED strip light and 220V LED strip light, a professional electrician is recommended and he could do the job well.

For the low voltage light strips like 12V and 24V low-voltage light strips, you could try to install them if you have interests and want to try. First, cutting the size you need, tested and assembled them, fixed with the light strip clip, finally connected them to the power supply, then you will see the working light strips.

installation of led strip lights

Through the above knowledge, do you have a simple understanding of LED lights? And do you want to give your house a bit of spice?

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