do you know these led bulb knowledge

Do you know these LED bulb knowledge?

The plasticity of LED lighting gives lighting a great imagination. Today, LED bulbs are also very subdivided in function, that is, specific bulbs have specific uses. Today we will talk about LED bulbs, don’t miss it! This is perhaps the most detailed article about LED bulbs.

First, let’s take a look at the commonly used LED lamp holder interfaces around the world: E12, E14, E26, E27, E39, E40, B22, G4, G9, etc., where E represents the screw port, the number represents the diameter of the thread; B represents the bayonet, The number represents the diameter of the bayonet; G represents the plug-in lamp holder, and the number is the center distance of the two pins. E39 and E40 lamp holders are often used in outdoor lamps, and the others are basically used indoors.

lamp socket type
Commonly used lamp holder interface

LED bulbs can be divided into functions:

  • Basic lighting type: Mainly used for lighting, for the purpose of enhancing brightness.
  • Decorative lighting type: to create a better lighting atmosphere with the use of lighting, and to enhance the lighting art.
  • Specific function type: other specific function bulbs.

One: Basic lighting type

1. LED bulbs
led bulbs
LED bulbs

This is currently the most common product on the market, and the power is basically 3W-50W. Because the market demand is relatively large, the competition is fierce, and the price and quality are mixed. If you don’t have much research on LED bulbs, try to buy them from regular brands. The prices of some small workshops are extremely cheap, but the quality and light efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

2. UFO LED bulbs
ufo led bulbs

The advantages of this type of bulb are large light-emitting surface, mosquito-proof, dust-proof, and splash-proof water. The power is mostly 20W-50W. It can be used in places with relatively high brightness requirements.

3. LED corn bulbs
led corn bulb
LED corn bulbs

The main uses of this kind of bulbs are garden lights, column head lights, street lights, etc. Because there is no milky white acrylic lampshade, the light emitted is not subject to any optical reflection, so it is not suitable for household use. For household use, low power below 20W can be selected. Used in conjunction with lamps with milky white covers, the main power range of LED corn lamps is 10W-200W.

4. E40 E39 LED street bulbs
e40 led street bulb
E40 E39 LED street bulbs

The common characteristics of this kind of bulbs are the E40 E39 lamp holder, the light source is facing down, the brightness is good, and it is waterproof. This kind of bulb is basically not used in the family. Power E40 E39 metal halide lamp.

Two: decorative lighting type

1. Low-power LED corn bulb (the bulb is built into the lampshade)
led corn light and its application
LED corn bulb is built into the chandelier

This kind of bulb is suitable for the chandelier whose lampshade can completely enclose the LED light source. The shorter the connection between the lamp cap and the light-emitting area, the better the effect, so that the lampshade of the chandelier can achieve no dark area, and the commonly used power is 10-20W LED corn lamp.

2. LED candle bulb (the bulb is exposed on the lampshade)
led candle bulbs and applications
LED candle bulb are installed on the chandelier

LED candle bulbs are suitable for chandeliers with exposed bulbs. Most of these bulbs are E12 and E14 lamp holders with a power of approximately 3W-10W. The unique shape of the candle lamp is very suitable for decorative chandeliers or decorative crystal lamps.

3.G4 G9 LED bulb
g4 g9 led bulbs and applications
G4 G9 pluggable LED bulb installed in the chandelier

The most commonly used plug-in bulbs in China are G4 and G9 LEDs. These bulbs are small in size, high in brightness, and extremely convenient to install and replace. Most of the power is 1W-5W, which is generally suitable for post-modern lamps and artistic personality Chemical lamps, mirror lights.

4. Antique LED filament bulb
led filament bulbs and applications
Antique LED filament bulb and application

This kind of bulbs are generally for the pursuit of retro or other specific atmosphere, rather than the pursuit of brightness. The color temperature of LED filament bulbs is generally around 2700K (warm yellow), and they are mostly used in industrial style, European and American style, coffee shops, bookstores and other specific surroundings. The power is mostly 2-6W.

Three: specific function type

1. Colorful LED bulbs
led colorful bulbs and applications
LED colorful bulbs and applications

This kind of LED bulbs have built-in red, blue, and green LED light sources. By rotating the multi-faceted diamond lens, the bulbs can diffuse the dazzling KTV-like effect.

2. Holiday LED bulbs
led holiday bulbs and applications
LED holiday bulbs and applications

For example: pure red bulbs used in lanterns, festive light bulbs, etc.


The plasticity of LED lighting is extremely strong. There are hundreds of styles of LED bulbs. Above we basically have a general introduction to the types of bulbs. Later, we will introduce in detail the standards for judging the quality of light bulbs and the price range of various types of light bulbs, and we look forward to your attention.

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