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E40 LED bulb lights-2
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This series E40 E39 LED light bulbs are our private mold product and be produced in the 2014 year. 30W-80W bulbs are low bay bulbs, 100W-300W are high bay bulbs accurately. They sell well and very popular for their stable quality as 2 drivers inside(power ≥100W) that ensure the other one work immediately once a driver broken, and no bad feedback for years. Especially 50W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 300W, all these articles are our best selling products.

Retrofitting solution for traditional / conventional E40 E39 E27 E26 lamps like CFL, HPS, MH, HID.

50W-80W LED bulb lights
100W-180W LED bulb lights
30W-80W LED light bulbs-2
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