How to choose the LED strip lights?

I believe you can see LED strip products everywhere, but do you know how to choose the right LED light strips? Like for general home decoration, commercial places, ambient lighting, local lighting? Below are the 8 tips for your information when you buying the lights.

1. The lighting should be uniform/evenly

Here the lighting should be evenly having two meanings:

A. The brightness between the LED lamp beads and beads must be consistent, which is related to the quality of the LED chips. Well, easy to say, but how can I judge that if I am just a normal person who is not a professional electrician? OK, there is a quick and easy way you could use: check them with your eyes!

choose the led strip light 1

B. The brightness of the light strips should be consistent at the head and the end. It mainly depends on the voltage drop of the LED light strips.

LED lamp strip needs to use a power supply to drive light. When the voltage drop of the LED power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the head and end will be inconsistent for a long-connected LED light strip. See the photo shown below which is an example of inconsistent brightness.

choose the led strip light 2

The quick and easy way you could use:

Connect the LED light bang with the length you are going to need, then light up them. Put them side by side for comparison in this way, and observe with your eyes.

2. The light color should be consistent

The consistency of light color is also a parameter to test whether the quality of a LED lamp belt bead is qualified.

The method you could use to tell: look straight at the light strip, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED luminous surface, you can basically judge whether the light color of the light strip is the same or not. Seeing with eyes is the most intuitive.

choose the led strip light 3

As you can see from this picture, here is an unqualified light strip product with a nonconformity color temperature.

3. The color temperature needs to be right

Generally speaking, the 3000K and 4000K color temperature of the light belt is more to use in many spaces. For different purposes, 2500-6500K LED strip lights are available for your options. Below is the low color temp used for a hotel.

choose the led strip light 4

For spaces such as high-end hotels and villas, the relative preference for LED light strip products with warmer color temperature is more conducive to creating a warm, comfortable and homely atmosphere.

choose the led strip light 5

As shown in the figure above, the color temperature is 4000K, 3000K, and 2500K. Among them, the more special 2500K color temperature product has more red components in the spectrum and is suitable for use in warm color occasions.

4. The color rendering index needs to be greater than 80

When the product is used in indirect lighting lamp troughs, the relative importance of the color rendering of LED strips is not very vital, but when used in large-area luminous ceilings as basic lighting or used in showcases as display lighting, the CRI >80 is the requirement that a qualified LED strip must meet.

choose the led strip light 6

5. The luminous part of a strip of light should be continuous

The continuity of the light band is an important consideration for the effect of lighting design, which requires the entire light band to ensure no broken areas and shadows.

choose the led strip light 7

Continuous light strip effect vs common intermittent LED light strip effect. And there is a small tool as shown below that can ensure the light belt/LED strip light is continuous and no shadow, the tool-free plug-in connection.

choose the led strip light 8

6. Convenient connection and installation

If the space of the light trough is relatively small when installing LED strip lights in here, plus wiring and fixed installation operations are required, that will kill the installer.

choose the led strip light 9

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a light strip product that can be quickly plugged and connected without tools, and directly snap-fitted. Usually, the installation steps and methods of this type of product are very simple, you may check them from the below photos. And refers to the installation process of the LED strip lights.

choose the led strip light 10

7. The luminous flux should be as high as possible

Speaking of LEDs, energy-saving is naturally its due meaning. For LED light strips, the importance of light efficiency has a lot to do with its application scenarios. For example, when it is applied to indirect lighting of the lamp slot, the requirement of light efficiency is relatively higher than when it is applied to a large area of luminous ceiling or showcase.

As a professional LED lamp strip, the light efficiency should be at least > 60 lm/W under the premise of the color rendering index Ra > 80. If you can do 80 lm/W, that’s great. If you do 100lm per watt, Well…you probably need to ask the price and see whether you will buy.

Generally speaking, the manufacturer will provide the technical parameters of the product, as shown in the table below. The luminous efficiency (lm/W) of the product can be obtained by dividing the luminous flux (lm) by the power (w):

choose the led strip light 11

8. The length of the connection should be moderate

For some things in our life, we need the items are the longer the better. Here it is refers to the connection length of the LED strip. Under the premise that the electrical specifications allow and the voltage drop of the power supply is controllable, the longer the distance that the LED strip can be connected, at least it means that it will save some power (for on-site installation, it means the reserved power supply location and construction amount can be reduced. Sometimes, especially for light troughs, this is a very troublesome problem.) The requirements for the maximum connection length will be different for each project site, but it is a necessary step to understand the maximum allowable connection length of the product in advance. Generally speaking, the lighting manufacturer will provide the following quick reference table of wiring length, which is convenient for users to quickly check and match:

choose the led strip light 12

By reading this so far, I believe that you already have your own ideas about how to choose the right LED strips. You may reach me at +86 13266652728 (Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat) or email me at [email protected] for any other concerns about LED strip lights, or visit our website:

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